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Inspired lifestyle products for women

Founded in Redondo Beach, California, One Savvy Life is a family owned company that inspires with its passion for smartly designed, high-quality lifestyle products.

Our relentless pursuit is to design and offer customers beautifully-crafted products that are fun and put a smile on your face!  

It's no secret that we're a best seller on Amazon.  The One Savvy Life brand is known for superior aesthetics, quality, and functionality, something you can be proud of using yourself and giving as a gift.

Explore our range of Savvy products, including our line of fruit infusion water bottles, outdoor recreation & leisure products, and more!

From glamping and hiking, to spending quality time at home with family and friends, One Savvy Life is there to inspire.

We seek to fulfill women’s ambition of living a fun and active lifestyle, make life at home and on the go a little more exciting, and make every purchasing experience the best possible by offering premium products and world class customer service.