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Savvy Coffee French Press Coffee Maker

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Savvy Coffee French Press Coffee Maker and Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop ~ 34 Oz

Our Savvy Coffee French Press Coffee Maker is the perfect gift!

As featured on "Top Holiday Gift Ideas"

Savvy Coffee's Premium French Press is truly simplicity in motion. Our finely crafted borosilicate glass pitcher with tri-level stainless steel filter is the easiest way to better tasting coffee! Making a full 8 cups, this amazing press will keep you awash in gourmet flavor. It's how real coffee drinkers make their coffee! BONUS Stainless Steel Bag Clip Coffee Scoop Included!

ALL ABOUT THE OILS - Every coffee bean is covered in essential oils that are not only good for you, but enhance the flavor of the coffee. When using an electric coffee pot, these oils are caught by the filter, removing them from the experience. With the Savvy Press, you'll be able to enjoy coffee in a way you couldn't otherwise with enhanced flavor profiles, and no "left over" taste electric coffee pots can leave behind.

BETTER FLAVOR - We don't just mean because of the purity of a French Press, but the quality of our materials. Every part of the press is 100% BPA free, keeping those flavors of leeched plastics or metals out of your coffee and giving you the ultimate experience in sensualist brewing in just 4 minutes!

VERSATILE - You don't have to stop with coffee. Expand your horizons with frothed milk, espresso and decadent loose leaf teas! Best of all you'll be enjoying the flavor of whatever you press fully, experiencing your favorite beverages the way they were meant to be! Get more flavor today, with Savvy Coffee!

THE "ONE SAVVY LIFE" GUARANTEE - You don't have to be a coffee connoisseur to appreciate better flavor. We provide the means to get the most out of your beverages, and give you peace of mind at the same time.  If for any reason, you're not "Absolutely Thrilled" with your purchase, just let us know and we'll give you a full no hassle refund!

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